Gmail labels become a little easier for new outlook converts

On initial read of this lifehacker article, I was horrified that gmail had dumped the frankly superior labels in favour of folders, however they have just boosted the functionality by allowing drag and drop.

As google is slowly whittling away at the exchange market share little touches like this are going to make the transition for exchange users a bit easier.

Lifehacker – Gmail Gives Labels the Folder Treatment – Gmail.


Take some of your business data analysis to the next level with google fusion

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables

Google has recently released an online service that allows users to analyse and visualise their tabular data in a relatively simple way.  I haven’t looked at it in detail yet, but it looks like you could easily pull data in from highrise (via export at the least, and cut it up to get some more value from it).  This service seems to compete wiht zoho DB and reports and youcalc but offers some new and interesting functionality (the always fun motion charts for starters)