Another cloud communications platform – Lotus iNotes

IBM is finally wading into the cloud communications platform, taking on the big G, Microsoft, yahoo, zimbra and a few others.  According to ZDnetAsia the cost will be $34 per year, as opposed to google’s $50 per year.  I’ve never used Lotus Notes (and everyone I know who has isn’t particularly excited by it), so can’t really comment, but the economist in me says that any competition is a good thing.

IBM Web based email software – Lotus iNotes.


Give Out and Receive Your Google Wave Invitations Here – Google Wave – Lifehacker

I am dying to give google wave a go (looking for that killer punch to convince work to dump Exchange for gDocs).  If you want to try your luck (I imagine they are going quick) look here for ways to beg and plead for an invite!