The Signs of Founderitis

Over at GigaOM there are some interesting/funny/scary notes about what Om notes as founderitis, a very unique level of creativity, vision and obsessiveness which can “lead you to greatness or the grave”.  As someone who’s building his first little app, which might one day make it online, and hopefully not me in the grave (great would be nice) I look forward to such fun.

Some examples:

  1. You mistake insomnia for work ethic.
  2. You are constantly looking to add hot new features to your products such as Tweet This & Facebook Connect.
  3. You obsess over features/details over which you have no control.
  4. You have the constant urge to do everything.
  5. You have attention deficit disorder, in that you’re constantly checking Twitter/Facebook/Google Reader and have set up Google Alerts to monitor what people are saying about you and your company — when you should be actually working.
  6. Your idea of dining out is picking up take-out food rather than having it delivered.

via 12+1 Signs That You Have Founderitis (GigaOm)


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