Stuff I like: Dropbox

Get Dropbox

I’ve played around with a couple of ways of storing files online, from google docs, to, to simply having an FTP site (sometimes a man just has to get his hands dirty).  Recently, I’m really digging dropbox because of its minimal feature set and because it’s super simple to sync folders across computers (and operating systems).  Just go to the website, sign up and download the client.  You now have a folder with up to 2GB of space which will sync online, and with any computer you install the client software on.

I’ll be interested to watch the competition between dropbox and in the future.  Quantcast, puts users at about 10x that of dropbox, so for now at least it’s winning the market war.  But I don’t really know if they are in the same market.  Dropbox is super easy to create a folder that syncs with as many computers as you need and you can make folders really easy to share. on the other hand sucks at syncing, but has all the crazy bells and whistles like previewing files, linking to Zoho suite and so on.  In the long run though, the simplicity and low barriers to entry I think are a winning combination and it’s worth giving a shot.

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