Ensparq is Attempting Post a Week in 2011

Over the past year and a bit, ensparq has been a great platform for me to ramble about businessy stuff and attempt to tune up my writing skills and although they are still shoddy I think I’m slowly developing a bit of a voice (whether it’s worth listening to is another story).  As you might know, wordpress has issued a challenge for bloggers to post every day/month for 2011 (possibly due to the falling popularity of blogging).

To cut a long story short, I’ll be taking up the weekly challenge.  I’ve already written the first one, and I’ll be working through my backlog of ideas to attempt to build up at least one post a week from now on.




What Ensparq is all about

Hi All,

Ensparq is a blog that is all about me sharing ideas I have for making use of webapps to make working life easier.  In here I’ll be posting reviews, comparisons, and tips on using and integrating webapps in the real world.

Hopefully people find this useful.