Google Docs scripting now available for non-Enterprise/Education users

Looks like scripting for gDocs is finally open to users who aren’t lucky enough to have access to the Enterprise or Education versions.

Basically the scripting language (javascript) ties into spreadsheets (only for now I think) and allows you to do funky stuff like: sending emails, updating contacts, look for stock prices (although the XML functions do this), and modify calendars etc…

A big boon for people who love scripting, but aren’t really into desktop office apps (although Zoho Office does have macros)


New File Upload functionality for Google Docs API

Just as I’m trying to build a business case for switching non Office-Centric (we have about 500 billion powerpoint docs) stuff at my work to google (don’t know if it will happen unfortunately) the usefulness of gDocs continues to grow.  The premier edition now allows you to upload via API documents of ANY type, meaning that you could probably switch your document server and all the wierd idiosyncratic file formats that entails over to gDocs, with someone that knows scripting that is.

From the Google Apps Blog:

Upload any file type:
– Premier Edition only.
– Individual file size limit of 250MB.
– Ability to upload any type of file.
– 1GB storage limit for files you upload that are not converted to Google Docs format (i.e. Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations).

Other Features:
– Copy a document: Make a duplicate of a document.
– Publishing documents: Programmatically publish a document to the world.
– Change the owner of a document: Additional functionality to now also change the ‘owner’ of a document.
– Resumable uploads: Ability to pause/resume and upload which is useful for large file sizes.

Google Apps update alerts: Documents List API: Upload any file and more.

Give Out and Receive Your Google Wave Invitations Here – Google Wave – Lifehacker

I am dying to give google wave a go (looking for that killer punch to convince work to dump Exchange for gDocs).  If you want to try your luck (I imagine they are going quick) look here for ways to beg and plead for an invite!

Take some of your business data analysis to the next level with google fusion

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion Tables

Google has recently released an online service that allows users to analyse and visualise their tabular data in a relatively simple way.  I haven’t looked at it in detail yet, but it looks like you could easily pull data in from highrise (via export at the least, and cut it up to get some more value from it).  This service seems to compete wiht zoho DB and reports and youcalc but offers some new and interesting functionality (the always fun motion charts for starters)

The inevitable march of google app continues: google spreadsheet adds solve functionality

Google spreadsheet has added solver functionality to their increasingly well equipped spreadsheeting application.  For the uninitiated, solve (like excel’s solver) allows spreadsheeters to find solutions to what-if? Scenarios and to optimise mathematical and business functions.

This pretty much leaves pivot-tables/charts and macros as the two major features that excel has over gDocs (although zoho sheet has macros).  I’m enjoying watching the inevitable trainwreak that the google docs disruptive innovation will have to microsoft’s office business model, hopefully they will

Google Apps update alerts: Solve feature and other improvements to Forms in Google Spreadsheets.

Google Docs help file on solve – General: Using Solve